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Character Education Program



  • Your character is who you really are inside yourself.
  • Good character traits can become good life habits!
  • Good life habits can lead toward a better life!
  • Your good character can never be taken away from you by anyone but you!
  • Character involves the way you deal with yourself and others - both on the outside and the inside.
  • Good character equals more life success.
  • Good character helps maintain integrity through both good and bad times.
  • Good character is supported by a positive attitude.
  • Appear positive, think positive, act positive and the character of those around you will improve!
  • Gain peace inside yourself by practicing good character traits such as honesty, respect, responsibility and courage.



We have also implemented another very successful character education program called Character Education. Using this program, a different character trait is discussed every day during SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) time.

For more information about the CCJHS counseling program, please call 254-547-6959