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Music Advocacy

Music Advocacy

Being a part of a musical organization such as Band has many benefits.  Students will develop better concentration, social skills, and creativity.  There is a correlation between the discipline that is required to learn an instrument and student behavior.  Studies also indicate that students entering the workforce need to be innovative and creative.  These are qualities that are developed in band.  There is a good deal of research that shows that students who read music do better in school and have higher standardized test scores.

Children who learn to play an instrument tend to have a better ability to solve mathematical equations, understand fractions, and learn multiplication tables.  Because musical notation is mathematical, children are better able to transfer the same concepts to their math skills (Jones, 2011).

The Texas Music Educators Association web site has a great deal of music advocacy research.

The TMEA site also has a page that shows All-State student SAT scores compared to the state and national average.  All-State musician scores are far and above the state and national averages.




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